Lock & Key Services

Lock & Key ServicesLock & Key Services

Lock & Key Services

Key Cutting

When you need to make copies of your home or car keys, Matt’s Building Materials can help you quickly and inexpensively. Each of our locations have a key cutting machine and dozens of key blanks to choose from. In a few minutes we can provide you with copies of just about any key. We charge $1.99 - $4.99 per key depending on the key blank you need.

*We do not have the equipment to replace car keys that include chips or transponders*

Re-Keying Services

Having to keep track of keys can be a hassle. Let us help you with our re-keying service. We can key alike all the locks we sell, including any key you might already have (as long as it is compatible). We charge $5.00 per cylinder, if we require shaving the pins it is $10.00 per cylinder. Re-keying can usually be done the same or next day.

We also provide job site re-keying services. On-site service calls are $50.00 per site, plus $5.00 per cylinder.

*We do not service locks from other stores*